Office: 2081 JFSB
Phone: 801-422-3915
Brian Willoughby, Associate Professor

Department: Family Life



  • Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 2009
  • M.A., University of Minnesota, 2006
  • B.S., Brigham Young University, 2004

Research Interests

Couple and Family Formation: How attitudes, values, behaviors, and other factors in young adulthood influence pathways into marriage and cohabitation and how these different trajectories change relational outcomes. Healthy Relationship/Sexual Development: How healthy dating and marital relationships are maintained. How sexuality and sexual behaviors impact relational and individual development. Emerging Adulthood Development: Social and interpersonal development of emerging adults (aged 18-25). How behaviors and relationships during this time period influence later development and relationships. Research Methods: Integrating recent advances in statistical approaches to research design and analysis.

Publication Info

  • Li Ping Su, Richard B Miller, Jerevie Canlas, Shan Li, Brian J Willoughby, Y. L. Hsiao (2015). A cross-cultural study of perceived marital problems in Taiwan and the United States. Contemporary Family Therapy .
  • Brian J Willoughby, Scott Hall, Heather Luczak (2015). Marital paradigms: A conceptual framework for marital attitudes, values and beliefs. Journal of Family Issues.
  • Brian J Willoughby, Dean M Busby, Jason S Carroll (2014). Differing relationship outcomes when sex happens before, on, or after first dates. Journal of Sex Research.
  • Brian J Willoughby (2014). Using marital attitudes in late adolescence to predict later union transitions. Youth & Society.
  • Dean M Busby, Brian J Willoughby, Jason S Carroll (2013). Sowing wild oats: Does it produce valuable experience or a field full of weeds? Personal Relationships.
  • Brian J Willoughby (2012). Associations between sexual behavior, sexual attitudes and marital horizons during emerging adulthood. Journal of Adult Development.
  • Brian J Willoughby, Jeff K Larsen, Jason S Carroll (2012). The Emergence of Gender Neutral Housing on American University Campuses. Journal of Adolescent Research.
  • Brian J Willoughby, Jason S Carroll (2012). Correlates of Attitudes Toward Cohabitation: Looking at the Associations With Demographics, Relational Attitudes and Dating Behavior. Journal of Family Issues.
  • Brian J Willoughby, Niece Jones (2012). Transitioning into cohabitation early in a relationship: Associations with family of origin assessments and couple outcomes. Journal of Couple and Relationship Therapy.
  • Brian J Willoughby, Jason S Carroll, Dean M Busby (2012). The Different Effects of "Living Together": Determining and Comparing Types of Cohabiting Couples. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.