Office: 258 TLRB
Phone: 801-422-2349
Roy Bean, Associate Professor

Department: Family Life



  • Ph.D., Brigham Young University

Research Interests

Parent-Adolescent Relationships in Ethnically Diverse Families Cultural competence with Latino Families in Therapy Spanish Translations of Psycho-social Assessments

Publication Info

  • Laura Padilla Walker, Ashley M. Fraser , Brent C. Black, Roy A Bean (2015). Associations between Friendship, Sympathy, and Prosocial Behavior Toward Friends . Journal of Research on Adolescence.
  • Roy A Bean, Sean Davis, Maureen Davey (2014). Clinical Supervision Activities for Increasing Competence and Self-Awareness.
  • Roy A Bean, Steven M Harris (2012). Seven Letters that will bring you closer to your College Student.
  • Laura Padilla Walker, Roy A Bean, Alex L Hsieh (2011). The role of parenting and personal characteristics on deviant peer association among European American and Latino adolescents. Child and Youth Services Review.
  • Laura Padilla Walker, James M Harper, Roy A Bean (2011). Pathways to parental knowledge: The role of family process and family structure. Journal of Early Adolescence.
  • Brian K. Barber, Roy A Bean, Lance David Erickson (2002). Expanding the study and understanding of parental psychological control. Intrusive parenting: How psychological control affects children and adolescents.