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Phone: 801-422-1796
Stephen Duncan, Professor

Department: Family Life



Stephen F. Duncan, Ph.D., CFLE, is Professor in the School of Family Life at Brigham Young University. Dr. Duncan specializes in strengthening marriages and families through outreach family life education. At BYU he teaches Strengthening Marriage and Family, Family Adaptability and Resiliency, and Marriage Enhancement courses, and undergraduate and graduate courses in Family Life Education. He conducts research on marriage preparation, marriage and relationship education, and improving the practice of family life education. With colleague and coauthor H. Wallace (Wally) Goddard, he has published the 3rd edition of Family Life Education: Principles and Practices for Effective Outreach (SAGE, 2016). In addition to teaching and research, Dr. Duncan also oversees outreach family life education projects for the School. He directs the Forever Families website (, and was director of content development for Real Families, Real Answers, a popular reality-based documentary series airing on BYU Television worldwide and numerous American public television stations.



Research Interests

Marriage and relationship education; family life education training; family life education program development, implementation, and evaluation.

Publication Info

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