Office: 2087 JFSB
Phone: 801-422-6949
Sarah Coyne, Associate Professor

Department: Family Life



  • PhD, University of Central Lancashire, 2004
  • BSc, Utah State University, 2001

Research Interests

Media, Aggression, Gender, Body Image, Children, Adolescence, Family


  • SFL Teaching Award, School of Family Life, 2016
  • Mary Lou Fulton Young Scholar Award, 2016
  • Most Influential Professor , School of Family Life Student Association, 2015
  • Raymond E. Beckham Lecture Series award, 2013

Publication Info

  • Sarah Marie Coyne, Laura Padilla Walker, Emily Howard (2016). Media Uses in emerging adulthood. The Oxford Handbook of Emerging Adulthood.
  • Brandon McDaniel, Sarah Marie Coyne (2016). Technology interference in the parenting of young children: Implications for mothers’ perceptions of coparenting. The Social Science Journal.
  • Brandon McDaniel, Sarah Marie Coyne (2016). “Technoference”: The interference of technology in couple relationships and implications for women’s personal and relational well-being. Psychology of Popular Media Culture.
  • Kevin Collier, Sarah Marie Coyne, Alan J Hawkins, Laura Padilla Walker, M Memmott, Sage E. Allen (2016). Does parental mediation of media influence child outcomes? A meta-analysis on media time, content, aggression, substance use, and sexual behavior. Developmental Psychology.
  • David Allen Nelson, Kathryn C. Burner, Sarah Marie Coyne, Craig H Assoc AVP Faculty CS Hart, Clyde Clark Robinson (2016). Correlates of sociometric status in Russian preschoolers: Aggression, victimization, and sociability. Personality and Individual Differences.
  • Sarah Marie Coyne, J. R. Linder, E. E. Rasmussen, David Allen Nelson, V. Birkbeck (2016). Pretty as a princess: Longitudinal effects of engagement with Disney Princesses on gender stereotypes, body esteem, and prosocial behavior in children. Child Development.
  • Larry J Nelson, Sarah Marie Coyne, Emily Howard, Brandon N Clifford (2016). Withdrawing to a virtual world: Associations between subtypes of withdrawal, media use, and maladjustment in emerging adults. Developmental Psychology.
  • Sarah Marie Coyne (2016). Effects of viewing relational aggression on television on aggressive behavior in adolescents: A three-year longitudinal study. Developmental Psychology.
  • Sarah Marie Coyne, Mark Alden Callister, D. A. Gentile, E. Howard (2016). Media violence and judgments of offensiveness: A quantitative and qualitative analysis. Psychology of Popular Media Culture.
  • Sarah Marie Coyne, Alexander Charles Jensen, Nathan Smith, Daniel Erickson (2016). Super Mario brothers and sisters: Associations between coplaying video games and sibling conflict and affection. Journal of Adolescence.