Chris Porter, Associate Professor

Department: Family Life


Office: 2102B JFSB

Phone: 801-422-5806

Professional Affiliations

  • American Psychological Association
  • International Society for the Study of Behavioral Development
  • Society for Research in Child Development

Recent Publications

  • Hyde, D. C., Porter, C., Flom, R., & Ahlander-Stone, S. (2013). Relational congruence facilitates neural mapping of spatial and temporal magnitudes in preverbal infant. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, 6, 102-112.
  • Porter, C., & Jones, B. (2011). Does Brief Bradycardia at the Onset of Arm-Restraint Signal Infants' Emotional Reactivity to Restraint?. John Wiley & Sons, 16, 166-179.
  • Hyde, D. C., Jones, B., Porter, C., & Flom, R. (2010). Visual stimulation enhances auditory processing in 3-month old infants and adults. Developmental Psychobiology, 52, 181-189.
  • Yang, C., Hart, C., Nelson, D., Porter, C., Robinson, C., & Jin, S. (2004). Fathering in a Beijing, Chinese sample: Associations with boys' and girls' negative emotionality and aggression.. Conceptualizing and Measuring Father Involvement, 161-189.
  • Hart, C., Yang, C., Nelson, L., Robinson, C., Olsen, J., Nelson, D., Wu, P. (2000). Peer acceptance in early childhood and subtypes of socially withdrawn behavior in China, Russia, and the United States. International Journal of Behavioral Development, 24, 73-81.
  • Hart, C., Nelson, D., Robinson, C., Roper, S., McNeilly-Choque, M. K., Porter, C., & Mckee, T. R. (2000). Russian Parenting Styles and Family Processes: Linkages with Subtypes of Victimization and Aggression. Family and Peers: Linking Two Social Worlds, 47-84.