Mark Showalter, Professor

Department: Economics



Office: 435A CTB

Phone: 801-422-4645


Recent Publications

  • Butler, M., & Showalter, M. (forthcoming). Mandated Intensive Care Staffing and Patient Outcomes: a Natural Experiment in Arizona. .
  • Cardon, J., & Showalter, M. (2017). To Choose or Not to Choose: An Experiment in Hedging Strategies and Risk Preferences. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 67, 14-19.
  • Cardon, J., & Showalter, M. (2012). The Distributional Effects of Health Reform Limits on Flexible Spending Accounts. Forum for Health Economics & Policy, 15(2), 24.
  • Eide, E., & Showalter, M. (2011). Estimating the Relation between Health and Education: What Do We Know and What Do We Need to Know?. Economics of Education Review, 30(5), 778-791.
  • Eide, E., & Showalter, M. (2010). Human Capital. International Encyclopedia of Educaiton, 2, 342-346.
  • Eide, E., & Showalter, M. (2010). Student Incentives. International Encyclopedia of Education, 2, 282-287.
  • Eide, E., Goldhaber, D. D., & Showalter, M. (2009). The Relation Between Children's Health and Academic Achievement. Children and Youth Services Review, 231-238.