Mike Searcy, Associate Professor

Department: Anthropology


Email: msearcy@byu.edu

Office: 854 KMBL

Phone: 801-422-5374



  • Anthropology in Archaeology from University of Oklahoma, 2010
  • Anthropology in Archaeology from Brigham Young University, 2005
  • Journallism in Advertising from University of North Texas, 2000

Research Interests

Casas Grandes cultural tradition of northwest Mexico; causes linked to transitions in sociopolitical organization and in shifting identities; social theory; long-distance interaction; iconographical analysis; ground stone analysis; ethnoarchaeology; Fremont archaeology; UAVs/drones.


  • Butler Young Scholar Award in Western Studies from Charles Redd Center for Western Studies, 2015

Professional Affiliations

  • American Anthropological Association
  • Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society
  • Utah Professional Archaeological Council

Recent Publications

  • Davidson, J., & Searcy, M. (2019). Archaeological Testing at the Lakeview Parkway and Trail – Phase 1 Project, Provo, Utah County, Utah, Museum of Peoples and Cultures Technical Series No. 19-5. Provo, Utah: Museum of Peoples and Cultures.
  • Searcy, M., & Ure, S. (2019). Provo Sports Complex/Provo Bay Archaeological Site Testing, Museum of Peoples and Cultures Technical Series No. 19-4. .
  • Searcy, M. (2019). Descubriendo las Raíces del Período Viejo en Chihuahua, México: Temporadas 2013-2015. Final Technical Report. .
  • Searcy, M. (2018). Cultura Chihuahua al Sur del Área de Casas Grandes. La Cultura Casas Grandes.
  • Searcy, M. (2017). Explorations in Viejo Period Archaeology at the Vista del Valle Site in Chihuahua, Mexico. Proceedings of the 48th Annual Chacmool Archaeology Conference.
  • Searcy, M., & Kelley, J. (2016). The Viejo Period. In Paul Minnis and Michael Whalen (Ed.), Discovering Paquimé. Dragoon, Arizona: University of Arizona Press.
  • Searcy, M. (2016). Dealing with Legal Uncertainty in the Use of UAVs in the United States. In SAA Archaeological Record. Society for American Archaeology.
  • Searcy, M. (2016). Introduction to the UAV Special Edition. SAA Archaeological Record.
  • Christiansen, E., Talbot, R. K., Searcy, M., & Richens, L. D. (2015). Obsidian Crossroads: An Archaeological investigation of the Panaca Summit/Modena obsidian source in Lincoln County, Nevada. Technical Series No. 15-1, 15(1), 86.
  • Searcy, M. (2015). Beginnings: The Viejo Period. In Ancient Paquimé and the Casas Grandes World (pp. 17-40). Tucson, Arizona: University of Arizona Press.
  • Searcy, M. (2014). Cultural and Contextual Differentiation of Mesoamerican Iconography in the U.S. Southwest/Northwest Mexico. Building Transnational Archaeologies: 11th Southwest Symposium, 53-73.
  • Searcy, M. (2014). A Real Indiana Jones. In Insight (pp. 8-13). Provo, UT: BYU Honors Program.
  • Searcy, M., & Pitezel, T. A. (2013). Understanding the Viejo Period: What Are the Data?. Collected Papers from the 17th Biennial Mogollon Archaeology Conference.
  • Searcy, M. (2011). The Life-giving Stone: Ethnoarchaeology of Maya Metates. .