Val Lambson, Professor

Department: Economics



Office: 435-F CTB

Phone: 801-422-7765


Recent Publications

  • Lambson, V. (2015). Skill, Complexity, and Strategic Intereraction. Journal of Economic Theory, 159, 516-530.
  • Lambson, V. (2007). Market Structure and Schumpeterian Growth. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 62, 47-62.
  • Brau, J., Lambson, V., & McQueen, G. (2005). Lockups Revisited. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 40(3), 519-530.
  • Lambson, V., McQueen, G., & Slade, B. (2004). Do Out-of-State Buyers Pay More for Real Estate? An Examination of Anchoring-Induced Bias and Search Costs. Real Estate Economics, 32(1), 85-126.