Wade Jacoby, Professor

Department: Political Science

Email: wade.jacoby@byu.edu

Office: 742 SWKT

Phone: 801-422-1711


  • Braudel Fellowship from European University Institute, 2010
  • Professor of the year from Pi Sigma Alpha, BYU Chapter, 2007
  • DAAD Prize from Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst/American Institute for Contemporary German Studies, 2006

Recent Publications

  • Jacoby, W. (forthcoming). Grand Coalitions and Democratic Dysfunction: Two Warnings From Central Europe. Government and Opposition, 52(2), 329-355.
  • Jacoby, W. (forthcoming). Lean, Special, or Consensual? Vulnerability and External Buffering in the Small States of East-Central Europe. Comparative Politics, 49(2), 191-212.
  • Jacoby, W., & , M. (forthcoming). Ungleiche Zwillinge: Gewerkschafter in der SPD. WSI-Mitteilungen, 2017(8), 587-596.
  • Jacoby, W., & , M. (forthcoming). What comes after Corporatism? Union-Left Party Relationships in Post-Schröder Germany. In Comparative European Politics (pp. 273-297).
  • Jacoby, W. (2017). Surplus Germany. (8), 25.
  • Jacoby, W. (2015). The Politics of Timing and the Timing of Politics: Germany and the Eurozone Crisis.. The Future of the Euro..
  • Jacoby, W. (2013). “The EU Factor in Fat Times and Lean: Did the EU Amplify the Boom and Soften the Bust?”. Journal of Common Market Studies, 52(1), 52-70.
  • Jacoby, W. (2011). Germany. Comparative Politics in Transition(6th), 321-367.
  • Jacoby, W. (2011). Germany: Europe's Company Store. In Henry Farrell (Ed.), na. Crooked Timber.
  • Jacoby, W. (2011). Immigration and the Transformation of American Unionism: Conflict, Policy Activism, and Union Density. International Migration Review, 44(4), 933-973.
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