Zach Chase, Assistant Professor

Department: Anthropology


Office: 882 KMBL


Zach was born in and raised in Laie, Hawaii, graduated from Kahuku High School, and served a two-year LDS mission in Colombia. Zach studied and later lectured in History at BYU Hawaii. He and his wife, Anne Marie (Fuller), met at BYU Hawaii, have been married for nearly eighteen years, and have three children, a daughter and two sons. Zach’s graduate studies at The University of Chicago culminated in two doctoral degrees, one in Anthropology and one in History. He has been Visiting and Assistant Professor in Anthropology at BYU since January 2015. He is currently also Graduate Faculty and affiliated with BYU's Center for Latin American Studies.

Research Interests

Prehispanic and Colonial Americas (specifically Andean South America); Pacific Islands (Hawaii); Archaeology of Religion, Ritual, and Performance; Historical Archaeology/Anthropology; Archaeology of Empire and Colonization; Semiotics, Writing, and other Media/Sign Systems


  • FHSS Faculty Researach Grant from College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences, BYU, 2019
  • Rust/Shallit Research Award from BYU Anthropology Department, 2019