Jenny Pulsipher, Professor

Department: History



Office: 2113 JFSB

Phone: 801-422-3286

Recent Publications

  • Pulsipher, J. (2018). Swindler Sachem: The American Indian Who Sold His Birthright, Dropped Out of Harvard, and Conned the King of England (Yale University Press, 2018).. .
  • Pulsipher, J. (2017). “Sifting Truth from Legend: Evaluating Sources for Native American Biography through the Life of Sally Exervia Ward". Beyond Biography: Sources in Context for Mormon Women’s History.
  • Pulsipher, J. H. (2015). Review of Jeffrey Glover, Paper Sovereigns: Anglo-Native Treaties and the Law of Nations, 1604-1664. In Journal of British Studies (pp. 203-205).
  • Pulsipher, J. (2014). Review of William A. Starna, From Homeland to New Land: A History of the Mahican Indians, 1600-1830. Western Historical Quarterly, Autumn 2014, 360-61.
  • Pulsipher, J. (2012). “New England Indians Adopt a Political Relationship to the English Government.” Reprint of an essay appearing in the Massachusetts Historical Review 5 (2003), 29-57. In Karen O. Kupperman, ed. Major Problems in American Colonial History, 3rd ed. Boston: Wadsworth/Cengage Learning, 2013.. Major Problems in American Colonial History, 3rd ed.(3rd), 29-57.
  • Pulsipher, J. (2011). Playing John White: John Wompas and the Limits of Authority in the English Atlantic World: Native Acts: Indian Performance in Early North America, eds. Joshua Bellin and Laura Mielke. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, forthcoming.. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press.
  • Pulsipher, J. (2011). Gaining the Diplomatic Edge: Kinship, Trade, and Religion in Amerindian Alliances in Early North America. In Wayne Lee (Ed.), Empires and Indigenes: Intercultural Cooperation and Conflict in the Early Modern World. New York: New York University Press, forthcoming. (pp. 18-47). New York, New York: New York University Press.
  • Pulsipher, J. (2011). King Philips War: The Encyclopedia of War. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Blackwell Books.
  • Pulsipher, J. (2011). King Williams War. The Encyclopedia of War, 3, 1179-1181.
  • Pulsipher, J. (2011). "Indian Slaveries," Review of Alan Gallay, ed., Indian Slavery in Colonial America. Reviews in American History, 39(2), 347-49.