Office: 2086C JFSB
Phone: 801-422-9053
Laura Walker, Associate Professor

Department: Family Life



  • Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2005
  • M.A., University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2001
  • B.S., Central Michigan University, 1999

Research Interests

Dr. Walker's primary research interests focus on parenting and media influences during adolescence and emerging adulthood. She also studies how these socialization sources impact adolescents' prosocial and moral development.

Professional Affiliations

  • International Society for the Study of Behavioral Development (ISSBD)
  • Society for Research on Child Development

Publication Info

  • Kevin Collier, Sarah Marie Coyne, Alan J Hawkins, Laura Padilla Walker, M Memmott, Sage E. Allen (2016). Does parental mediation of media influence child outcomes? A meta-analysis on media time, content, aggression, substance use, and sexual behavior. Developmental Psychology.
  • James M Harper, Laura Padilla Walker, Alexander C Jensen (2016). Do Siblings Matter? Sympathy as a Mediator Between Sibling Relationship Quality and Adolescent Outcomes. Journal of Research on Adolescence .
  • Laura Padilla Walker, Ashley M. Fraser , Brent C. Black, Roy A Bean (2015). Associations between Friendship, Sympathy, and Prosocial Behavior Toward Friends . Journal of Research on Adolescence.
  • Laura Padilla Walker, William J Dyer, Jeremy B Yorgason, Ashley M. Fraser, Sarah Marie Coyne (2015). Adolescents' Prosocial Behavior toward Family, Friends, and Strangers: A Person-Centered Approach. Journal of Research on Adolescence .
  • Laura Padilla Walker, Sarah Marie Coyne, Ashley M Fraser, Laura Stockdale (2013). Is Disney the nicest place on earth? Prosocial behavior in Disney films. Journal of Communication.
  • Laura Padilla Walker, Randal D Day, William J Dyer, Brent C Black (2013). "Keep on keeping on, even when it’s hard!” Predictors and outcomes of adolescent persistence. Journal of Early Adolescence .
  • Ashley M Fraser , Laura Padilla Walker, Sarah Marie Coyne, Larry J Nelson, Laura A Stockdale (2012). Bringing out the inner soldier: Associations between violent video games, empathy, and prosocial behavior toward three targets. Journal of Youth and Adolescence.
  • Laura Padilla Walker, Ashley M. Fraser, James M Harper (2012). Walking the walk: The moderating role of proactive parenting on adolescents’ value-congruent behaviors. Journal of Adolescence.
  • Laura Padilla Walker, Sarah Marie Coyne, Ashley Fraser, William J Dyer, Jeremy B Yorgason (2012). Parents and adolescents growing up in the digital age: Latent growth curve analysis of proactive media monitoring. Journal of Adolescence.
  • Laura Padilla Walker, Larry J Nelson (2012). Black Hawk Down? Establishing helicopter parenting as a distinct construct from other forms of parental control during emerging adulthood. Journal of Adolescence.