Brian Cannon, Professor

Department: History


Office: 2119 JFSB

Phone: 801-422-5211


  • Award of Merit from Utah State Historical Society,

Professional Affiliations

  • Utah Historical Society
  • Agricultural History Society
  • Western History Association
  • American Historical Association, Pacific Coast Branch

Recent Publications

  • Cannon, B. (2018). “To Buy Up the Lamanite Children as Fast as They Could”: Indentured Servitude and Its Legacy in Mormon Society,”. In Journal of Mormon History (pp. 1-36). Provo, UT: Mormon History Association.
  • Cannon, B. (2014). Immigrants in the Far West: Historical Identities and Experiences. , 520.
  • Cannon, B. (2013). Review of Brock Cheney, Plain but Wholesome: Foodways of the Mormon Pioneers. In Agricultural History (pp. 547-49). Winter Park, FL: Agricultural History Society.
  • Cannon, B. (2013). Review of Paul W. Hirt, The Wired Northwest: The History of Electric Power, 1870s-1970s: Montana, the Magazine of Western History. Helena, MT: Montana Historical Society.
  • Cannon, B. (2013). Homesteading Remembered: A Sesquicentennial Perspective. Agricultural History, 87(Winter 2013), 1-29.
  • Cannon, B. (2012). Review of Dona Brown, Back to the Land: The Enduring Dream of Self-Sufficiency in Modern America. American Historical Review, 117(June 2012), 857-58.