Dawn-Marie Wood, Adjunct

Department: Psychology


Email: dawn-marie.wood@byu.edu

Office: 1007 KMBL

Phone: 801-422-0374



Professor Wood is an adjunct faculty instructor with a background in behavioral neuroscience. She specializes in advanced writing within psychology, research design and analysis, and the psychology of gender. She teaches both foundation and methodology courses for BYU's Department of Psychology and has the opportunity of orienting students to the major and mentoring psychology undergraduates throughout their experience in the program. In addition, she is a co-investigator in ongoing campus research studying the effects of psychology of gender courses on religiosity, views of gender roles, and perspectives on homosexuality. She also helps coordinate the efforts of advanced writing instructors to standardize students' research and technical writing experiences within psychology. Currently, she is teaching (or has taught) the following courses at BYU and/or the BYU Salt Lake Center: PSYCH 101 ("Orientation to the Psychology Major"), PSYCH 220 ("Human Development"), PSYCH 306 ("Psychology of Gender"), PSYCH 307 ("Writing Within Psychology"), and PSYCH 310 ("Research Design and Analysis"). She has also coordinated research efforts in BYU’s Brain Imaging and Behavior Lab (affiliated with the MRI Research Facility), served as a faculty reader on an honors thesis committee examining gender issues on campus, and worked as a research and writing consultant (and member of the adjunct faculty team) at BYU's Salt Lake Center. Professor Wood is the 2018-19 recipient of the FHSS "Martin B. Hickman Excellence in Teaching by an Adjunct Faculty" Award.

Research Interests

Behavioral Neuroscience
Gender Studies


  • FHSS "Martin B. Hickman Excellence in Teaching by an Adjunct Faculty" Award from BYU's College of Family, Home, & Social Sciences, 2018