David Sims, Professor

Department: Economics


Email: davesims@byu.edu

Office: 130 FOB

Phone: 801-422-1554


Recent Publications

  • Sims, D. (2011). Suing for your supper? Resource Allocation, teacher compensation and finance lawsuits.. Economics of Education Review, 30(5), 1034-1044.
  • Sims, D. (2011). Lifting all boats? Finance litigation, education resources and student needs in the post-Rose era. Education Finance and Policy, 6(Fall), 455-485.
  • Sims, D. (2011). Rent control rationing and community composition: Evidence from Massachusetts. Berkeley Electronic Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy: Contributions, 11(1), Article 27.
  • Jacob, B. A., Lefgren, L., & Sims, D. (2010). The Persistence of Teacher-Induced Learning. Journal of Human Resources, 45(4), 915-943.
  • Ransom, M., & Sims, D. (2010). Estimating the Firm's Labor Supply Curve in a New Monopsony Framework: School Teachers in Missouri. Journal of Labor Economics, 28(2), 331-355.
  • Sims, D. (2008). A strategic response to class size reduction: Combination classes and student achievement in California. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 27, 457-478.
  • Sims, D. (2008). Strategic responses to school accountability measures: It's all in the timing.. Economics of Education Review, 27, 58-68.
  • Sims, D. (2007). Out of Control: What can we learn from the end of Massachusetts rent control?. Journal of Urban Economics, 61, 129-151.