Eric Dursteler, Professor

Department: History



Office: 2130 JFSB

Phone: 801-422-5260



Eric Dursteler (Brown, 2000) is Professor and Chair of History at Brigham Young University. His research focuses on gender, religious identity and food in the the early modern Mediterranean, with a side interest in the history of Mormonism in Italy.  His publications include Venetians in Constantinople: Nation, Identity and Coexistence in the Early Modern Mediterranean (2006), Renegade Women: Gender, Identity and Boundaries in the Early Modern Mediterranean (2011), A Companion to Venetian History (2013), and The Mediterranean World: From the Fall of Rome to the Rise of Napoleon (2016), co-authored with Monique O’Connell. His next book, In the Sultan’s Realm: Two Venetian Ambassadorial Reports on the Early Modern Ottoman Empire will be published by the Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies in spring 2018. He is currently working on a book on food and foodways in the early modern Mediterranean. His research has been funded by, among others, the Fulbright Commission, the NEH, Villa I Tatti and the Delmas Foundation. He is editor of the News on the Rialto, and book review editor for the Journal of Early Modern History.

Research Interests

Early modern Mediterranean, food and history, multilingual societies, religious identity and conversion


  • Phi Kappa Phi from Phi Kappa Phi, 2016
  • Karl G. Maeser Research and Creative Arts Award from BYU, 2016
  • Nicky B. Carpenter Fellowship from Hill Museum & Manuscript Library, 2016
  • Renaissance Society of America Short-Term Research Grant from Renaissance Society of America, 2016
  • Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellow from Huntington Library, 2012
  • Research Grant from FHSS, 2012
  • Women's Research Initiative Grant from BYU, 2012
  • Alcuin Fellowship from General Education (GE), 2010
  • Franklin Research Grant from American Philosophical Society, 2012
  • Honorable Mention Best Book of 2011 from Society for the Study of Early Modern Women, 2012
  • Research Grant from Kennedy Center, 2012
  • Short-term Fellowship from Folger Shakespeare Library, 2012
  • Helen Williams Award from Association for Distance Education and Independent Learning, 2010

Recent Publications

  • Dursteler, E. (2017). Mormons in the Piazza: History of the Latter-day Saints in Italy. Salt Lake City, UT: Religious Studies Center and Deseret Book.
  • Dursteler, E. (2016). The Mediterranean World: From the Fall of Rome to the Rise of Napoleon. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press.
  • Dursteler, E. (2015). Fearing the ‘Turk’ and Feeling the Spirit: Emotion and Conversion in the Early Modern Mediterranean. In Journal of Religious History (pp. 484-505).
  • Dursteler, E. (forthcoming). Fearing the “Turk” and Feeling the Spirit: Emotion and Conversion in the Early Modern Mediterranean. Journal of Religious History, 38.
  • Dursteler, E. (forthcoming). ‘Portare San Marco nel cuore’: strategie d’integrazione nella nazione veneziana ad Istanbul. Il Commonwealth veneziano tra il 1204 e la fine della Repubblica - identità e peculiarità.
  • Dursteler, E. (2013). ‘A Continual Tavern in My House’: Food and Diplomacy in Early Modern Constantinople: Renaissance Studies in Honor of Joseph Connors. Florence: Olschki.
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  • Dursteler, E. (forthcoming). Fleeing “The Vomit of Infidelity”: Borders, Conversion and Muslim Women’s Agency in the Early Modern Mediterranean. Ottoman Identity.
  • Dursteler, E. (2013). Dönme Kadınlar: Toplumsal Cinsiyet, Kimlik ve Sınırlar. In . Istanbul: Koç Üniversitesi Yayınları.
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