Hal Miller, Professor

Department: Psychology

Email: harold_miller@byu.edu

Office: 1074 KMBL

Phone: 801-422-8939


Since joining the BYU faculty 43 years ago, I have pursued several lines of research with undergraduate- and graduate-student research assistants. Our current work involves the behavior measurement of the asymmetry of gains and losses. My most notable publication appeared in 2016--the SAGE Encyclopedia of Theory in Psychology. Along the way, I have been a dean and a member of several university, college, and department committees. Similarly, I have been a leader and member of many volunteer groups in the community and was, for four years, a member of the Provo City Council, where I developed the Provo Clean Air Toolkit. My commitment to education includes the design and leadership of private schools in Utah and China.

Research Interests

I am interested in behavioral optimality and, specifically, in the asymmetry of gains and losses. I use concurrent-choice procedures with humans and nonhumans (pigeons and rats) to measure the motivational effects of gains (reinforcers) and losses (punishers). This behavioral-economic research is related to self-control and addiction.