Joseph Olsen, Associate Research Professor

Department: College Office


Office: 930 KMBL

Phone: 801-422-6296

Recent Publications

  • Magleby, D., Goodliffe, J., & Olsen, J. (2018). Who Donates in Campaigns? The Importance of Message, Messenger, Medium, and Structure. Who Donates in Campaigns? The Importance of Message, Messenger, Medium, and Structure, 485.
  • Janis, R., Burlingame, G., & Olsen, J. (2018). Developing a therapeutic relationship monitoring system for group treatment. Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice, 55(2), 105-115.
  • Burlingame, G., Whitcomb, K. E., Woodland, S. C., Olsen, J., Beecher, M., & Gleave, R. (2018). The effects of relationship and progress feedback in group psychotherapy using the GQ and OQ-45: A randomized clinical trial: Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice. APA.
  • Steffen, P., Elliott, C., Lassen, M., Olsen, J., & Smith, L. (2017). Expanding schema conceptualization and assessment: toward a richer understanding of adaptive and maladaptive functioning. Australian Journal of Psychology.
  • Busby, D., Chiu, H., Willoughby, B., & Olsen, J. (forthcoming). Evaluating the dimensionality of pornography. Archives of Sexual Behavior.
  • Burlingame, G., & Olsen, J. (2016). Evaluating Factor Structures of Measures Used in Group Research: Looking Between and Within. Group Dynamics: Theory, Research and Practice, 20(3), 165-180.
  • Hardy, S., Olsen, J., & Yamawaki, N. (2013). Parent- adolescent attachment as a mediator of relations between parenting and adolescent social behavior and well-being in China.. International Journal of Psychology, 48, 1185-1190.
  • Nelson, D., Hart, C. A., Yang, C., Olsen, J., & Jin, S. (2006). Aversive parenting in China: Associations with child physical and relational aggression. Child Development, 77, 554-572.
  • Bradford, K. P., Barber, B. K., Olsen, J., Maughn, S. L., Erickson, L., Ward, D., & Stoltz, H. E. (2004). A multi-national study of interparental conflict, parenting, and adolescent functioning: South Africa, Bangladesh, China, India, Bosnia, Germany, Palestine, Colombia, and the United States. Marriage & Family Review, 35, 107-137.
  • Stoltz, H. E., Barber, B. K., Olsen, J., Erickson, L., Bradford, K. P., Maughan, S. L., & Ward, D. (2004). Family and school socialization and adolescent academic achievement: A cross-national dominance analysis of achievement predictors. Marriage and Family Review, 36, 7-34.
  • Hart, C. A., Yang, C., Nelson, L., Robinson, C., Olsen, J., Nelson, D., Wu, P. (2000). Peer acceptance in early childhood and subtypes of socially withdrawn behavior in China, Russia, and the United States. International Journal of Behavioral Development, 24, 73-81.