Jonathan Jarvis, Assistant Professor

Department: Sociology



Office: 2031 JFSB

Phone: 801-422-4240

Research Interests

Globalization and Education, Asian Migration, Cross-National Differences in Family Structure Change, Korea

Professional Affiliations

  • National Council on Family Relations (NCFR)
  • Society for Longitudinal and Life Course Studies (SLLS)
  • Association of Korean Sociologists in America (AKSA)
  • American Sociological Association (ASA)

Recent Publications

  • Jarvis, J. (2019). Lost in Translation: Obstacles to Converting Global Cultural Capital to Local Occupational Success. Sociological Perspectives.
  • Dufur, M., & Jarvis, J. (2019). The Influence of Foreign-Born Population on Immigrant and Native-Born Students’ Academic Achievement. In Socius.
  • Dufur, M., & Jarvis, J. (2019). US Achievement Underperformance in an International Context: Are Low PISA Scores from the Poor to Blame?. Teachers College Record, 121(10).
  • Gibbs, B., & Jarvis, J. (2017). The Relative Age Effect Reversal among the National Hockey League Elite. PLOS ONE.
  • Gibbs, B., & Jarvis, J. (2017). The Asian American Advantage in Math among Young Children: The Complex Role of Parenting. Sociological Perspectives, 60(2), 315-337.