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Becky Schulthies

Associate Professor

884 KMBL - Brigham Young University
Provo, UT 84602


How do our ideas about communication shape how we relate? Dr. Schulthies' teaching and research revolve around this fundamental question: how might communicative ideologies impact social relations. Trained as a linguistic and cultural anthropologist, she has conducted fieldwork in Morocco for over twenty years, conducting research on the productive nexus of Moroccan communicative ideologies, state/transnational identity projects, media practices, and plant-human relationality. She has also trained undergraduate and graduate students in ethnographic research design, ethnographic fieldwork methods, analysis and writing, preparing them and assisting them to complete their own individual research projects. She was most recently an Associate Professor at Rutgers University and is excited to be returning to BYU.

Research Interests

Moroccan semiotic ideologies
Social sensorium
Human-plant socialities
Arabic writing sensibilities
Arabic enregisterment and social categories
National/supranational Arab media ideologies
Heteroglossia and pluralingualism
Language ideologies and literacies
Islam and authoritative language
Multimodal ethnography
Discourse analysis

Teaching Interests

Linguistic Anthropology
Ethnographic Research Design and Methods
Multispecies Sociality
Peoples of the Middle East
Anthropology of Islam
Intercultural Communication
Cultural Anthropology
Social Theory

Courses Taught