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Brenden Rensink

Associate Research Professor
History, History, Dean's Office

954 KMBL
Provo, UT 84602

Honors and Awards

  • Marjorie Pay Hinckley Young Scholar, BYU College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences (2020 - 2023)
  • Karl G. Maeser Professional Faculty Excellence Award, Brigham Young University (2021 - 2021)
  • Metcalfe Best Anthology Book Award, John Whitmer Historical Association (2020 - 2020)
  • 2019 Spur Award for Best Historical Nonfiction Book, Western Writers of America (2019 - 2019)

Administrative Assignments

  • Charles Redd Center for Western Studies: Associate Director (2015 - Present)

Courses Taught


Brenden W Rensink Brenden W Rensink Brenden W. Rensink P. Jane Hafe Brenden W. Rensink P. Jane Hafen Brenden W. Rensink Brenden W Rensink Mark Ashurst-McGee David W. Grua Elizabeth A. Kuehn Brenden W Rensink Alexander Baugh Matthew C. Godfrey Brenden W Rensink Alex D. Smith Max H. Parking Alexander Baugh Jay Harry Buckley Brenden W Rensink