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Curtis Child

Department Chair, Sociology
Sociology, Sociology, Dean's Office

2008 JFSB
Provo, UT 84602


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Research Interests

I research nonprofit organizations, for-profit businesses, and the legal, cultural, and moral boundaries that separate the two sectors. I study multi-level marketing as a way to understand how people navigate friendship and family relations in commercialized times, and I am investigating plasma donation to understand the experience of "giving" when it is organized in the market.

Teaching Interests

Introduction to sociology, economic sociology, nonprofit sector/organizations and civil society, research methods (design, qualitative).


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Sociology , Indiana University (2011)
  • Master of Public Affairs, Nonprofit Management , Indiana University (2004)
  • Bachelor of Science, Sociology , International Development, Brigham Young University (2002)

Courses Taught