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Mark Christensen

History, History

Continuing Education
Provo, UT 84602


Mark Christensen is associate professor at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. He is the author of various books and articles on colonial Latin America including Nahua and Maya Catholicisms: Texts and Religion in Colonial Central Mexico and Yucatan (Stanford, 2013), Translated Christianities: Nahuatl and Maya Religious Texts (Penn State, 2014); Native Wills from the Colonial Americas: Dead Giveaways in a New World (with Jonathan Truitt, University of Utah, 2016), and The Teabo Manuscript: Maya Christian Copybooks, Chilam Balams, and Native Text Production in Yucatan (Texas, 2016). He is writing a more complete social history of Ixil with Matthew Restall, Return to Ixil: Maya Society in an Eighteenth-Century Yucatec Town, forthcoming with the University Press of Colorado.

Research Interests

As an historian of colonial Latin American, my specialization includes Nahua (Aztec) and Maya ethnohistory in central Mexico and Yucatan, and the translation of Nahuatl and Maya texts. I am interested in the lives of native peoples and how they negotiated their colonial religious and social experience.

Teaching Interests

Colonial Latin America; Conquest in the Americas; Religion in Colonial Latin America; World Civilizations

Courses Taught


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