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Stefania Ashby

Assistant Professor
Neuroscience, Psychology

1024 KMBL
Provo, UT 84602

Research Interests

In the Memory and Misinformation Lab we are interested in understanding how the brain supports our ability to form generalized semantic memories and how those memories impact decision-making. In particular, I'm interested in examining how we process misinformation we frequently encounter online, in personal conversations, and on social media. My research uses functional MRI (fMRI) and neural pattern analyses to examine how memories for misinformation and retractions are processed and stored in the brain. I also use behavioral testing to study ways in which we can better process retractions to reduce the impact misinformation has on future decision-making.

I have a deep interest in open science practices as a means of doing more rigorous and reproducible science. Studies conducted by the lab are preregistered and data from lab studies are shared via OSF and OpenNeuro. Another focus of my work is to participate in clear science communication practices and outreach to community and lay audiences. By engaging in public outreach we hope to contribute more accurate and digestible scientific information to the public to actively fight against the spread of scientific misinformation.

Courses Taught