Office: 244 TLRB
Phone: 801-422-6125
Personal Page
Michael Larson, Associate Professor

Department: Psychology



Please see Dr. Larson's lab website at for more information about Dr. Larson and his lab.


  • PhD, University of Florida, 2008
  • MS, University of Florida, 2004
  • BS, Brigham Young University, 2002

Research Interests

Dr. Larson is a clinical neuropsychologist with research interests in cognitive control functioning. Specifically, in Dr. Larson's Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience Lab the research aims to better understand behavioral (e.g., reaction times, error rates) and neural (e.g., fMRI and event-related potential [ERP]) reflections of cognitive control to determine how the brain exerts control of behavior and under what conditions cognitive control is enhanced or compromised. To this end, Dr. Larson studies cognitive control in healthy individuals, individuals with traumatic brain injury (TBI; including concussion), individuals with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), individuals with autism spectrum disorders, and individuals with depressive and anxiety disorders. Dr. Larson's current work is focused on conflict processing and conflict adaptation, error-related processing (including the error-related negativity [ERN]), recovery from TBI and concussion, interhemispheric transfer of information across the corpus callosum, and how errors influence neuropsychological functioning. Dr. Larson also works with Dr. Erin Bigler and Dr. Shawn Gale (and multiple additional affiliated faculty) training students in clinical neuropsychology. Please see Dr. Larson's lab website at for more information about Dr. Larson and his lab.


  • Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Psychophysiology
  • University Young Scholar Award, Brigham Young University, 2015
  • College Outstanding Young Alumnus, University of Florida College of Public Health and Health Professions, 2014
  • Outstanding Young Alumnus, University of Florida Department of Clinical and Health Psychology, 2013
  • Teacher of the Year Award, BYU Psi Chi, 2009

Professional Affiliations

  • International Organization for Psychophysiology
  • Society for Psychophysiological Research
  • International Neuropsychological Society
  • Association for Psychological Science

Publication Info

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